Development & Scanning




We offer development for a wide range of film. See the chart on the right for formats we can do. All films are processed manually by hand. For information on how to get film to us and how we get it back to you, click here

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The types of processing we offer are: 

  • Black & White (Silver Gelatin) - Turnaround Time: 5-7 Business days 
  • C-41 (Colour Negatives) - Turnaround Time: 5-7 Business days            
  • E-6 (Colour Slides) - Turnaround Time: 5-7 Business, contact us for availability.

(Turnaround times are average estimates and also include scanning - If You need you film done in a hurry or by a particular date just let us know and we'll see what we can do!) 

For 35mm we also offer scanning and development packages, or you can just send us in your 35mm film to scan as we offer scanning as a service on it's own too.

Our 35mm scanning comes at two different resolution levels: Hi-Res & Extra Hi-Res. Take a look below to compare.
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(Below) - Approx. 70% size copy of Hi-Res Scan (2400dpi) Full version was too big for web page (93% quality jpeg compression) 
(Below) - Crop of Hi-Res Scan (2400dpi) @100% 
(Below) - Crop of Extra Hi-Res (5000dpi) @100%
As you can see there is not a massive difference between the two as the Hi-Res (2400dpi) scan is already rather good quality, but looking closely at the Extra Hi-Res scan you can see we've hit the grain and there's not much more we can get out of it. I would recommend the Extra Hi-Res scanning for fine art prints, archival scanning, publication use etc.or anybody who wants to get as much of the image that's on their film possible without spending a truck-load on drum scanning etc.