About Us

 Analog Luck is Tasmania's only dedicated analog photography store!



 My name is Karl and I'm the owner & operator of Analog Luck,
 I aim to provide support, encouragement, inspiration, resources, value, and above all a genuine commitment to keep film alive and well.
 Film photography has been a massive part of my life since I started playing with my Dad's Nikon at age 6. When my dad gave me a Canon compact I would bring it everywhere, taking photos of everything - but it was mostly pretend because if he gave me any film I'd use it too quickly. I kept using film cameras up until I was about 14 when I bought a DSLR however I soon grew bored with it, sold it, then spent all the money on film cameras! I've never looked back since. Around this time my dream job was to work in a photo lab developing film, but this was a time that most labs were closing their doors and digital was taking over the masses. The disappearance of these services encouraged me to develop film for myself, as well as for friends. Years of refinement have brought me to the stage where I can confidently provide a professional service and share the love of this medium with you all.
What is Analog Luck?:  
It's a webshop & film processing service that is operated from my home darkroom in Lenah Valley, all films are processed manually by hand, even each frame is scanned individually!
Services we offer:
Film Development for 35mm, Medium Format, 110 and 126 in C-41, E-6, Back and White
Film Sales - 35mm, Medium Format, Colour Negative, Colour Slide, Black and White
Film Scanning - Quality Hi-Res, Extra Hi-Res scanning for 35mm at low prices.
Used Camera Equipment - From plastic camera fun all the way to pro film gear!
Silver Gelatin Prints from the darkroom 5x7 to 12x16 from MF or 35mm negs
Portable Moon themed photo booth also for hire, suits weddings and festivals
Photographer for Hire (analog) - Photo shoot inquires welcome (tiny to big), can
provide samples of previous work.